RetiLock®offers an exclusive and patented design for both routine and complex vitrectomy procedures. Its cannula presents an autostable ring of increased diameter, designed to sit on the inner aspect of the pars plana. The beauty of this design is to increase the stability and decrease the risk of cannula dislocation during complex cases with multiple instrument exchanges.


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Vitreoretinal Product Catalog

June 17, 2020 – 2.25 MB PDF

FCI S.A.S. is a world leader in the development of a wide range of ophthalmic surgical devices. Since the company’s inception in 1984, the innovative developments of FCI have helped physicians to solve problems related to epiphora, dry eye, eyelids, and orbital surgery as well as retinal detachment : highly purified silicone oil and perfluorocarbons, scleral buckling implants, and a wide range of other ophthalmic surgical devices such as disposable vitrectomy lenses, single use instruments and directional laser probes.