FCI eyelid weights are indicated for the treatment of the functional defects of lagophthalmos resulting from facial paralysis.

The tapered eyelid implants feature the original proven characteristics and design of FCI eyelid weights.

Main characteristics:

  • 99.99% pure gold
  • 1 mm thickness / 5 mm width
  • Weight range from 0.6 g to 1.8 g
  • Sterile, Single use




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S3.3006Tapered Eyelid Weights0.6 gGoldBox of 1
S3.3008Tapered Eyelid Weights0.8 gGoldBox of 1
S3.3010Tapered Eyelid Weights1.0 gGoldBox of 1
S3.3012Tapered Eyelid Weights1.2 gGoldBox of 1
S3.3014Tapered Eyelid Weights1.4 gGoldBox of 1
S3.3016Tapered Eyelid Weights1.6 gGoldBox of 1
S3.3018Tapered Eyelid Weights1.8 gGoldBox of 1

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