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Super Grip Forceps

FCI is delighted to present its innovative and brand new Super Grip forceps to complete its vitreoretinal instruments line. 

FCI Directional laser probes

FCI Directional and Directional Extendable laser probes feature an ergonomic non-slip handle for an improved maneuverability during vitreoretinal surgery. 


RetiJet® is FCI brand new injection and extraction kit for FCI purified silicone oil in syringe.


FCI Chandelier is indicated for challenging cases that require bimanual instrumentation.

Precivia® | Precision Intravitreal Injection Assistant FCI Exclusive

Precivia® simplifies intravitreal injections by making the procedure faster and more predictable. Its unique design presents a guide tube accurately oriented to ensure a fixed injection angle of 28°, a fixed distance at 3.5 mm from the limbus, and a controlled depth.

Single Use Scissors

FCI is delighted to present its innovative disposable scissors and forceps to complete its vitreoretinal line. These disposable vitreoretinal instruments have an anti-shredding tip design and offer a maximum grasping power of 100 grams.