RetiJet® is FCI brand new injection and extraction kit for FCI purified silicone oil in syringes (S5.7160, S5.7170, S5.7560, S5.7570).

It has been specifically designed to either inject or remove silicone oil during pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) after a surgical treatment for severe retinal detachment.

RetiJet® injection/extraction tubings are used to connect silicone oil in syringes to the various vitrectomy devices available on the market. It provides easy and safe manipulation of the silicone oil during surgery.

RetiJet® set includes:

  • 1 two meter cristal PVC tubing
  • 1 connector for the silicone oil injection machine
  • 1 overcap 
  • 2 injection cannulas: available in 23 Ga & 25 Ga
  • 1 syringe for extraction
  • 1 cannula for extraction
  • Maximal pressure of 5 bars
  • Sterile
  • Single use



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SKUDescription SizePackaging
S5.7591RetiJet®Compatible with Alcon Accurus® - Constellation® / Dorc : EVA®Box of 1
S5.7592RetiJet®Compatible with Bausch & Lomb Millenium® & Stellaris® PCBox of 1
S5.7593RetiJet®Compatible with Oertli® Orbit™ - Faros™ - OS3™ - OS4™ / Zeiss - Visalis 500box of 1
S5.7594RetiJet®Compatible with RUCK PentaSys2 - RUCK Qube® Pro / Geuder® Megatron® - S3 - S4 - S4 HPSbox of 1

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