FCI Exclusive

FCI punctal plugs are preloaded on a disposable inserter for a progressive release & an easy insertion.

Main characteristics:

  • Designed by J.A. Bernard, M.D.
  • Original design
  • Ergonomic slanted collarette
  • Preloaded on disposable inserter
  • Good tolerance & optimal patient comfort
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Sterile, Single use



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SKUDescriptionSize MaterialPackaging
S2.3651Preloaded punctal plug0.6 mmExtra smallSiliconeBox of 1
S2.3652Preloaded punctal plug0.6 mmExtra smallSiliconeBox of 2
S2.3681Preloaded punctal plug0.7 mmMiniSiliconeBox of 1
S2.3682Preloaded punctal plug0.7 mmMiniSiliconeBox of 2
S2.3421Preloaded punctal plug0.8 mmSmallSiliconeBox of 1
S2.3422Preloaded punctal plug0.8 mmSmallSiliconeBox of 2
S2.3121Preloaded punctal plug0.9 mmRegularSiliconeBox of 1
S2.3122Preloaded punctal plug0.9 mmRegularSiliconeBox of 2
S2.3521Preloaded punctal plug1.0 mmLargeSiliconeBox of 1
S2.3522Preloaded punctal plug1.0 mmLargeSiliconeBox of 2

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