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The Kitaro® DryLab & WetLab Kit simulate the different stages of cataract surgery and allow surgeons in training to practice technique repeatedly without the added complication of long preparation times and costly live tissue samples.

The Kitaro WetLab was designed to replace the porcine wetlabs, lowering the cost and set-up of conventional labs. Almost all phacoemulsification steps, complication management, and common mistakes can be mastered through repeated practice with this revolutionary learning tool. 

It provides advantages over the usual porcine wet lab, including: easy preparation, a hygienic environment and high quality, predictable materials for CCC and nuclear segmentation practice.

Realisme has never been pushed sofar!



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SKUDescription SizePackaging
K-5000 Kitaro® DryLab & WetLab Kit1 kit
K-1020Disposable Goods for Dry LabPrecut Sclerocorneal Sheet with LimbusBox of 1
K-1030Disposable Goods for Dry LabAnterior-capsule film (11 cm x 2.5 cm)Box of 1
K-1040Disposable Goods for Dry LabViscoelastic Substance (10cc)Box of 1
K-2010Disposable Goods for Wet LabArtificial Cataract Lens Mixed (3 sofst, 3 medium)Box of 6
K-2020Disposable Goods for Wet LabCornea-iris part for WetlabBox of 4
K-1135Reusable Goods for Dry Lab & Wet LabSclera PartBox of 1
K-1140Reusable Goods for Dry Lab & Wet LabMask for Kitaro LabBox of 1
K-1145Reusable Goods for Dry Lab & Wet LabBase PlateBox of 1
K-1160Reusable Goods for Dry Lab & Wet LabAnterior Capsule ForcepsBox of 1
K-1165Reusable Goods for Dry Lab & Wet LabSclera Fixation ForcepsBox of 1
K-1220Reusable Goods for Dry Lab & Wet LabContainer for DryLabBox of 1
K-3010Reusable Goods for Dry Lab & Wet LabKITARO DVDBox of 1
K-1130Reusable Goods for Dry LabCornea-iris part for DryLabBox of 1
K-1150Reusable Goods for Dry LabSegmented Plastic Nuclei in PC cupsBox of 1
K-1155Reusable Goods for Dry LabPolymer-clay Nuclei Artificial lens (3 types)Box of 1
K-1170Reusable Goods for Dry LabU/S (I/A) handpieces (for segmented plastic nucleus)Box of 1
K-1175Reusable Goods for Dry LabU/S (I/A) handpieces (for Polymer-Clay nucleus)Box of 1
K-1180Reusable Goods for Dry LabSpatula hookBox of 1
K-1185Reusable Goods for Dry LabPhaco ChoperBox of 1
K-1190 Reusable Goods for Dry LabMr. Divider’s HookBox of 1
K-1200Reusable Goods for Dry LabCystome (21G Needle) with SyringeBox of 1
K-1205Reusable Goods for Dry LabArtificial Cortex, Resin clay in posterior capsule cups and spare clayBox of 1
K-1215Reusable Goods for Dry LabCCC-Processed AC filmBox of 1
K-1225Reusable Goods for Wet LabNucleus Manipulating Hook (2 types of ends)Box of 1
K-1230Reusable Goods for Wet LabCystotome (26Ga Needle) with SyringeBox of 1
K-1235Reusable Goods for Wet LabHydro Needle with SyringeBox of 1
K-1240Reusable Goods for Wet LabIrrigation bagBox of 1
K-1195Optional GoodsSpeculumBox of 1
K-1250Optional GoodsDesk Top Magnifying Glass w/ operating board for DryLabBox of 1
K-1255Optional GoodsDrain Box for WetLabBox of 1
K-1260Optional GoodsSoft NucleusBox of 6
K-1265Optional GoodsMedium Hard NucleusBox of 6
K-1270Optional GoodsVery hard NucleusBox of 4
K-3000Optional GoodsText BookBox of 1

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