FCI Exclusive

EZYPOR® is FCI ultimate high density polyethylene orbital implant with a patented innovative suturing platform, indicated for enucleation, evisceration and secondary implantation.

EZYPOR® has a smooth anterior suturing surface with 8 suture tunnels allowing multiple suturing options.

Main characteristics:

  • FCI Exclusive
  • Made of Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene (UHMWPE)
  • Porosity between 40% and 60% for optimum colonization of fibrovascular tissue
  • Innovative and patented smooth anterior suturing platform
  • 8 suture tunnels to facilitate needle insertion and muscles fixation
  • No need for autologous graft
  • No need for wrapping material
  • Sterile

EZYPOR® is pending FDA approval in the USA.

EZYPOR® 12 mm and 14 mm do not have suturing platform.




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S6.6012EZYPOR®12 mm*UHMWPEBox of 1
S6.6014EZYPOR®14 mm*UHMWPEBox of 1
S6.6016EZYPOR®16 mmUHMWPEBox of 1
S6.6018EZYPOR®18 mmUHMWPEBox of 1
S6.6020EZYPOR®20 mmUHMWPEBox of 1
S6.6022EZYPOR®22 mmUHMWPEBox of 1

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