FCI is delighted to present its innovative disposable forceps to complete its vitreoretinal line. 

These disposable vitreoretinal instruments have an anti-shredding tip design and offer a maximum grasping power of 100 grams.

The tip is actuated by a short stroke with low pressure on the handle that reduces any risk of hand tremor. 

Additionally FCI disposable instruments are exceptionally precise as there is no forward or backward movement of the instrument tip during the actuation.

Main characteristics:

  • Color coding for easy identification
  • Available in 23 Ga, 25 Ga and 27 Ga
  • Sterile, Single use



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SKUDescription SizePackaging
S9.6012.23Maculorhexis (Eckardt) 23 Ga Box of 5
S9.6012.25Maculorhexis (Eckardt) 25 Ga Box of 5
S9.6012.27Maculorhexis (Eckardt) 27 Ga Box of 5
S9.6013.23End-Grasping 23 Ga Box of 5
S9.6013.25End-Grasping 25 Ga Box of 5
S9.6013.27End-Grasping 27 Ga Box of 5
S9.6017.23Tano 23 Ga Box of 5
S9.6017.25Tano 25 Ga Box of 5
S9.6017.27Tano 27 Ga Box of 5
S9.6011.23Serrated 23 Ga Box of 5
S9.6011.25Serrated 25 Ga Box of 5

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