FCI external eyelid weights provide those with lagophthalmos as a result of temporary facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy with an immediate and easy to apply treatment.

Main characteristics:

• Easy-to-use
• Effective non-surgical eyelid closure treatment
• Available in 4 skin tones
• Weight range from 0.6 g to 1.8 g
• Supplied with 100 double-sided hypoallergenic adhesive strips
• Non-implantable, Non sterile




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SKUDescription Size MaterialPackaging
S3.6006-1External eyelid weight0.6 gPink - NeutralTantalumBox of 1
S3.6008-1External eyelid weight0.8 gPink - NeutralTantalumBox of 1
S3.6010-1External eyelid weight1.0 gPink - NeutralTantalumBox of 1
S3.6012-1External eyelid weight1.2 gPink - NeutralTantalumBox of 1
S3.6014-1External eyelid weight1.4 gPink - NeutralTantalumBox of 1
S3.6016.-1External eyelid weight1.6 gPink - NeutralTantalumBox of 1
S3.6018-1External eyelid weight1.8 gPink - NeutralTantalumBox of 1
S3.6006-2External eyelid weight0.6 gTanTantalumBox of 1
S3.6008-2External eyelid weight0.8 gTanTantlumBox of 1
S3.6010-2External eyelid weight1.0 gTanTantalumBox of 1
S3.6012-2External eyelid weight1.2 gTanTantalumBox of 1
S3.6014-2External eyelid weight1.4 gTanTantalumBox of 1
S3.6016-2External eyelid weight1.6 gTanTantalumBox of 1
S3.6018-2External eyelid weight1.8 gTanTantalumBox of 1
S3.6006-3External eyelid weight0.6 gMedium brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6008-3External eyelid weight0.8 gMedium brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6010-3External eyelid weight1.0 gMedium brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6012-3External eyelid weight1.2 gMedium brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6014-3External eyelid weight1.4 gMedium brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6016-3External eyelid weight1.6 gMedium brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6018-3External eyelid weight1.8 gMedium brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6006-4External eyelid weight0.6 gDark brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6008-4External eyelid weight0.8 gDark brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6010-4External eyelid weight1.0 gDark brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6012-4External eyelid weight1.2 gDark brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6014-4External eyelid weight1.4 gDark brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6016-4External eyelid weight1.6 gDark brownTantalumBox of 1
S3.6018-4External eyelid weight1.8 gDark brownTantalumBox of 1

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