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Precivia® | Precision Intravitreal Injection Assistant

4 March 2020 in Retina

Precivia® - The Precision Intravitreal Injection Assistant - is FCI’s gold standard for all intravitreal injections.

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FCI Directional & Directional Extendable Laser Probes

8 January 2020 in Retina

FCI Directional and Directional Extendable laser probes are frequently considered as the gold standard accessories for retinal endo-coagulation.

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New user-friendly injection & extraction kit for silicone oil

21 March 2019 in Retina

RetiJet® is FCI brand new injection and extraction kit for purified silicone oil.

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1st Preloaded & Self-Retaining Monocanalicular Nasolacrimal Intubation

29 November 2018 in Oculoplasty

LacriJet® is FCI latest and exclusive 1st preloaded & self-retaining monocanalicular nasolacrimal intubation indicated for epiphora, congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction and canalicular laceration.

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Upcoming Events

International Society of Dacryology and Dry Eye Meeting (ISD-DE)

June 17 - 19, 2020

London, United-Kingdom (booth #FCI)

Come & visit our booth to discover FCI latest innovations in Dry Eye!

2020 COS Annual Meeting and Exhibition

June 25 - 28, 2020

Vancouver Convention Centre Vancouver, BC, Canada (booth 601)

Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO)

August 5 - 9, 2020

Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, Xiamen, China

Come & visit FCI booth to discover our latest innovations in Oculoplasty and Vitreoretinal Surgeries!